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Whether you’re a business owner, marketeer, or web-design professional, time is your greatest adversary. Unexpected workloads, staff absences and moving deadlines can place unwelcome pressure on your internal resources.

Wouldn’t you feel better knowing you had a team of freelance copywriters in your corner who’d work around the clock to get the job done – on-time and to specification?

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So you want to hire a copywriter – but something’s stopping you taking the next step

Maybe you’ve never worked with a copywriter before and don’t know what to expect. Perhaps you have and vowed never to again (ouch).

Freelance copywriters are usually too busy and I have deadlines to meet

If a copywriter is good, demand for their service will be high. And that’s a problem if they work alone – not as part of a team. That’s where NightWriter is different. We’re a network of freelance copywriters with expertise spanning a range of sectors and skill sets, which means we can scale to meet the demands of your project.

We used to hire writers – but stopped because work came in late or was of poor quality

The brutal truth? There are bad copywriters out there. But there also great ones who fail because (i) they work alone, not as part of a team (ii) and, take on too many assignments.

To avoid these situations, our writers:

  1. Only take on realistic workloads, so they can devote 100% of their attention on writing your content
  2. Collaborate, so that workload is shared – increasing productivity and reducing the chance of failure

Our industry is complex and we don’t have time to train external freelancers

Sometimes, only an expert will do. That’s why our  network consists of copywriters with experience in different sectors – even niche ones. If we don’t have a suitable writer available, we’ll go out of our way to find one.

Inexperience can be asset too. Someone outside an industry will see things with a fresh pair of eyes and ask challenging questions – providing insight an insider might have missed.

Freelance copywriters cost money, so we’d rather handle the work in-house

If you have the internal resources to handle the work, hiring a freelance copywriter makes zero economic sense. But what about those situations where you have to bite the bullet?

What if:

  1. Your in-house copywriter books holiday or goes on extended sick leave?
  2. Workload suddenly doubles due to increased demand or a new client win?
  3. You need to write content but find yourself side tracked by other projects?

The alternative to not hiring a freelance copywriter to cover these gaps is to do nothing – in which case, who’ll market you or your client’s products to bring in revenue?

If you decide to do the work and aren’t a specialist, writing content will take longer and may not hit the right notes with your intended customers.

Even if you’re an experienced all-rounder , you’ll still have to reprioritise your workload and put other important jobs on the back burner.

Surely it’s worth investing in trusted freelance copywriters who can handle the workload instead, so you can carry on doing what you do best.

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