Frequently Asked Questions

Need more information before talking to us? Then take a look at our copywriting FAQs. If you can’t find the answer you were looking for, get in touch.

The cost of hiring a copywriter will vary depending on the freelancer’s experience.  Expect to pay in the region of £250.00 a day for a rookie – and upwards of £369.00 for a veteran. That said, most freelance copywriters tailor their prices per project. So you’re unlikely to pay their full day rate. Why not request a free quote from us today.

A copywriter must be a master of persuasion. Our job is to convince people (your customers) to perform an action – be that opening an email, joining a mailing list, or buying a product or service.

We will only assign suitable writers to your project.

The first step is a free Discovery Call. This takes about 15-minutes and is a factfinding exercise to help us determine

  • how much support you need
  • what expertise is required
  • the type of work needed
  • your budget

If you decide to proceed, we’ll introduce you to the team member/s looking after you and work can begin.

If you need help, or aren’t happy, contact us and we’ll get in touch to find out more. We promise to respond within 48 hours – but, to be honest, we’re normally a lot faster than that!

NightWriter was created by Giles Watling – a freelance copywriter with 15+ years of experience. Before creating his business, Giles worked in-house as an SEO copywriter and cut his teeth working for a lead-generation company – creating content for email, ads, advertorials, and landing pages.

We strive to be competitive and love rewarding loyal customers. As much as we’d like to set up a rolling retainer right away, we’ll ask you to try us out for a month first – to make sure you’re 100% happy.

If you love us as much as we love you, we’ll put together a cost-effective package for your business or agency.

We’re always happy to hear from freelancers. Whatever your expertise, drop us a line and, if a suitable project comes up, we’ll give you a call.

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