Should you get Kevin in accounts to write your content or invest in a freelance copywriter instead?

Although Kevin is good with numbers, he’s got a way with words too. The emails and letters he sends are typo free – and he writes in a warm friendly tone your customers love. 

Why on earth would you want to spend money on a freelance copywriter when you can get Kevin to do it. He won’t cost your company a bean and he knows how to write.

So, the question beggars: should you hire Kevin or bite the bullet and hire a content expert instead?

>> Let’s deep dive into the pros and cons..

PRO: Kevin is on payroll – so he’s effectively ‘free’

This is true. You pay him a monthly salary. So, on paper at least, this is a costless exercise that could save your business hundreds – if not thousands – of pounds a year. Or will it? 

CON: Kevin still has his accounting duties to perform

So how is he going to fit content writing in around his already busy schedule? Writing persuasive copy involves painstaking research, planning, and out-the-box thinking.

Hire Kevin as your freelance copywriter and:

  • There’s a risk he’ll make mistakes because he’s overstretched
  • Payments to subcontractors and other stakeholders might be late
  • He might ‘burnout’ due to the sheer amount of work, making him unproductive 

PRO: Kevin’s a first-class writer – not just a number-cruncher

You’ve seen his work first hand, which is error-free and has a unique style. Prospective customers are bound to be drawn in by his friendly tone and convert them into paying customers.

CON: Being good with words isn’t enough on its own

Freelance copywriters apply their knowledge of user experience (UX), Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), and other important principles to their writing.

In short, typo-free copy and a warm cuddly tone will only get you so far. 

Can Kevin do all of this or do you want to rethink your decision not to hire a freelance copywriter?

freelance content writer

PRO: Kevin’s fast and efficient – so he can fit copywriting in

Okay, maybe Kevin won’t burnout or neglect his duties as we earlier suggested. Perhaps he’s an all-round superstar who can juggle multiple projects without breaking a sweat.

CON: Freelance copywriting is a full-time job – is that still OK?

Producing fresh and valuable content for your website on a regular basis is important if you want to climb the search engine ranking positions (SERPS) and achieve pole position.

It’s not something you can dip in and out of. Which means Kevin will need a new job title and you’ll need a new accountant (which will cost more than hiring a freelance copywriter).

Let’s talk content…

Freelance copywriters aren’t as expensive as you thought. Find out more by contacting us and we can jump on a quick 10-minute call to chat about your requirements.


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