Thanks for stopping by. My name’s Giles and I’m the person behind the NightWriter brand.

A year ago, the thought of setting up alone couldn’t have been further from my mind. I was an in-house copywriter working for a lead-gen company – writing content for emails, landing pages, video scripts, and Facebook ads.

Things were going well. The job was local, challenging, and I was working with a great team. Then COVID-19 came along and everything changed.

Out of work, I had to think fast – so I could support my family.

Freelance copywriting – but with a twist

I still wanted to be a copywriter. I knew that much. But how could I make my brand stand out? For days, I racked my brains – trying to work out the gap in the market.

More than just copywriting

Then it came to me. I wanted my business to function as a one-stop-shop solution for customers who needed more than just 3-4 blogs a month and some email marketing support.

What if a client needed a website, branded videos, and SEO support? I knew it would feel wrong sending them away to compare quotes from other specialists.

That’s why I decided to connect with other marketing specialists who I could bring onboard for larger projects and manage the entire process for my customers.

hire copywriters

Scalable content solutions

Many copywriters work alone. This immediately limits the amount of work they can handle. And that’s okay – not every writer wants to take on large projects.

I feel the same. I don’t want to accept big jobs by myself, because I don’t have the capacity. But thinking outside the box, what’s stopping me hiring other writers?

So that’s what I do. If a client wants to give me more work than I can handle, no problem. I’ll assemble a team and spread the work amongst them. Problem solved.

Want to learn more?

Whether you’re a small business with big ideas, or an agency in need of large-scale support, I can help. Book a free discovery call and let’s talk ideas.


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